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To help my fans understand, I offer an insight into my thinking and way of life.

As an exotic model and a creator of exotic art, I draw upon my global experiences with beauty, fashion, hair and makeup. The world is my canvas and in my travels I find beautiful locations where I can capture moments of exotic beauty.

I want to be the model in all my videos, in my art and performances. My art expresses my real personality which becomes evident as my fans explore my thoughts and all of my body in my art. By exposing my body and letting people judge my body, my beauty and my sense of fashion and style, forces me to accept their judgement. Not everyone likes how I am and I don’t care. I am who I am.

I believe the world should be beautiful in all aspects. Beauty starts within the mind, and emerges through the face and body.......
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I don’t have a mind for abstract art. To me, art reflects the world as it is.........
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I am a woman and I am proud of being a woman. My breasts are part of being a female and I have zero shyness about showing my femininity........
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I want to be seen. I like it, I love it. Fashion transforms and I love creating outfits that show my body and natural beauty........
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Exotic can be defined as “intriguingly unusual”. That certainly describes me.......
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Fun Places
I get so so bored so fast. I need input! So I travel for fun......
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Life is not complete without love. I have a man in my life and only one.........
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Life is very short! One blink and life seems to be passing by. I see fun around me and love to laugh........
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I live in my body. Gosh, there are only men and woman on the earth........
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I love good food. I love to cook......
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Omg, I love to travel and see new places. Some of my favorite places are Barcelona, Paris, Santorini Greece, Miami, Toronto, St. Martin, Cancun, Monaco and so many more........
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Ok you caught me. I have a fetish for my hair........
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